Troubleshooting Video

If you are experiencing a problem with using Minopcloud, try to watch our troubleshooting videos library. These videos contains information on how to diagnose and troubleshoot some common issues you are facing in Minopcloud.

Utilities Module with Schedular

Minop Utilities Module with Schedular, Alerts, Custom field and reports info

Mobile app with branch admin permission

Minop Mobile app with branch admin permission

employee right distribution

Minop android application as per employee right distribution

Wizard's setting Module

Minop Wizard's setting Module info

User Management & right Distribution

Minop User-Management and right Distribution Module info

Shift and Shift Group

Minop Shift and Shift Group Module

Dashboard Module

Minop Dashboard Module Info

Company Module

Minop Company Module Info

Leave Management

Minop Leave Management Module

self service module

Employee self service module info for admin as well as employee

Holiday Module

Minop Holiday Module info

Hr Policy & allocation module

Hr Policy and allocation module info

New Minop Demo

New Minop Demo

Import Employees Errors

Import Employees Errors

Employee login

Employee login

SMTP Configuration using Google

SMTP Configuration using Google

New Minop Sign-Up

New Minop Sign-Up

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