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Fingerprint and face recognition sensors can be integrated directly into your application. Manage biometric device transaction data in your remotely deployed application. Desktop support is no longer necessary

Biometric Attendance Cloud API

Biometric Attendance Cloud API

It supports the Biometric cloud API for the integration of biometric time, attendance, and access control devices with any website or web application. It provides robust REST APIs for transaction activities that let your server application to interface with biometric equipment.

Attendance API allows your server to accept biometric attendance data in real-time from biometric devices over a RESTful URL. Therefore, your biometric cloud solutions would always have biometric data in real-time.

Management API enables the remote installation application to manage biometric device user transaction data.

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Cloud API Category

Our Biometric APIs are entirely web-based and hosted in the cloud. Our biometric technology supports multiple APIs for creating cloud-based biometric identity management solutions.

API for Biometric

Receive attendance data in real time from a biometric device installed remotely to your server. Add, delete, block, and move users from your remote application.

Standard Integration of

Integrate biometric attendance with numerous cloud-based ERP, HRMS, and Salesforce tracking products, including Zoho, SAP, Odoo, and more cloud systems, without any development effort.

RFID Reader

Notify your server application in real-time whenever a student or employee enters the school or business building. Remote apps can manipulate the RFID machine.