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About Minop

Minop is a brand from Mantra Softech, a leader in biometric security and business solutions provider in India

We specialise in the design and developing of cloud-based time and attendance software systems which give you real-time access to your employees’ attendance records. Whether users clock in via the mobile application, web application or through a mounted biometric device their data is instantly sent to your administration dashboard where it can be automatically compiled into a range of reports including attendance records.

Build Trust

Listen and treat every interaction with our customers and endure to build trust by adding value to them.

Continuous Improvement

Growth is not ‘set it and forget it.’ We strive to improve ourselves continuously as a business and as individuals.

Focus on delivery

As a business, we believe in solving our customers' problems considering it as our prime goal.

Believe in Sharing

We thrive to build mutual trust, through sharing, and collaboration.

Archive Excellence

Achieving excellence in our products and customer growth is our aim.

Employees Attendance

Helping companies managing their employees' attendance worldwide


Recorded Daily

Clock-in and clock-out transactions recorded daily


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