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Why choose Minop?

Track absences and time off.

Time tracking for employees is available 24/7 on any device.

Track time off with a robust and flexible leave policy solution, which allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere, and mouitor attendance with web, biometric device & mobile.

Why choose Minop

Organize Attendance Management Efficiently. Better.

Highly secure:ISO certified GDPR compliant

Attendance management that boosts productivity

Provide real-time data to the organisation.

Minops' time attendance management system allows firms to track remote and on-premise employees' attendance and generate thorough reports. The improved effectiveness of the employee attendance system eliminates humanistic errors and saves time from completing laborious excel sheets.

Make it simple for your staff to sign in.

With a workforce spread throughout the nation, keeping track of employee attendance in multiple zones becomes tough. Minop comes into play here. Attendance marking is aided by our time attendance system software.


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Best HR Attendance Management Software - Features

Features of the Best HR Attendance Management Software have to be Simple, Adaptable, Robust and Easy to Use

Touchless Employee attendance tracking

Whether you use a mobile, biometric device, geo-fenced, or web-punched to track attendance, it will be safe and accurate.

Multiple Location

Manage your distributed teams attendance with one attendance system.

Holiday Calendar

Create thoughtful and smart holiday structures for your organization.

Requests and approvals with one click

Submit and approve regularisation requests for leaves of absence without difficulty.

Interface for live maps

View your field force's whereabouts in real time on maps for simple understanding and tracking.

Staff Schedule Calendar

Employees can check their assigned schedules using the shift calendar and manage tasks accordingly.

Integrated with payroll

Impact of leaves and attendance automatically considered in payroll through loss of paydays or upload structured spreadsheet.

Quick dashboard

For better monitoring, a single view of staff attendance, holidays, and leave dates.

Powerful analytics and reports

Get insights into hours spent at the premises. Identify productivity weaknesses and make improvements.

No privacy issues

Minop follows a comprehensive approach to protect privacy and data protection policy for all employee's information in the system.

Organize Attendance Management Efficiently. Better.

Highly available: 98% uptime in the last 3 years

Advantages of the attendance management system

Save More

It's challenging to keep track of everyone's attendance in the workforce. You will need to hire additional staff to complete that task. You won't have to spend extra money on recruiting HR personnel thanks to the attendance management system. Instead, the system for tracking employee attendance would automate the entire process, making it straightforward and hassle-free.

Increase in productivity

Without a question, monitoring the attendance of employees needs the staff to waste a lot of time on it. That time could be better invested on more productive tasks. The employee attendance management system tracks time effectively, allowing HR to focus on other tasks.


Visibility between management and staff is critical in every firm. That is possible with an online employee attendance system. Employees may easily check their working hours, absence, and leave data with the time attendance management system software.

Real-time tracking

Real-time employee attendance tracking is critical for improving organisational efficiency. The integration of employee time and attendance software with the payroll administration system benefits in the elimination of human error and delayed payment.