Teacher and Student Attendance

Tracking of attendance for educational institutions. No-cost trial period for unlimited users.

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Teacher and Student Attendance
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Attendance is required

Attendance is required at schools and institutions.

In order to track teachers or students.

An attendance tracker must be simple to use. precise, and accessible. The earlier an absence of attendance is identified, the quicker it may be addressed.

Allow more effective monitoring solution for everyone.

Schools / College / Institute

Automate attendance operations, boost efficiency and reduce time with the most powerful student & teacher attendance management platform by your side.


Tracking Missing days and classes at your fingertips through classroom attendance, don't miss important announcement notices, and much more with our application.


Create an enriching learning environment without wasting time on student Roll calls and helping improving class learning timings through simplify every classroom operation.


Monitor & track your children’s attendance with complete transparency and stay on top of all the school updates with ease.

monitoring solution


Our staff attendance tracker enables you to track the presence of your staff at the school/Institute/college or remote locations.

Guest Lectures

Track the attendance in your guest lectures for additional classes or seminars to track and for reimbursement.

Security Staff

Simplifies security guard time and attendance tracking. Monitor guards in-time and out-time for wage calculation.


Accurately tracks the record of the housekeeping staff's timing for coming and going from the school and leaving the school premises with ease.

Introducing Minop's time tracking for teachers and students

Automated time tracking for mobile and Biometric tablet

Minop's attendance software integrates with its employee time clock app on mobile devices and biometric tablets, and attendance can be viewed from any device.

Introducing Time Tracking
Advanced AI Technology

Face Recognition Using Advanced AI Technology

Attendance monitoring should be secure, quick, and simple.

Teachers and students only need to show their face to their smartphone or biometric tablet to clock in using minop.

Allows students or teachers to clock in from a biometric device

Allows students or teachers to clock in from a shared tablet

Minop biometric tablets allows your staff to clock in and out with a shared device. usually a tablet but it can also be a regular phone. with minop, you can also have multiple biometric tablets for different classrooms.

Biometric Device
Location based attendance

Location based attendance

Teachers or students to clock in when they arrive at the school or university, out when they leave the school or university, when their work starts and ends, or clock them out automatically after a certain time.

Detailed analytics & feedback

Powerful Analytics

Daily, weekly, and monthly timesheets. Use our multiple filters to identify patterns, analyze time spent on projects, and improve time utilization.

Detailed analytics & feedback
teachers and students onboarded

Get your teachers and students onboarded fast

Invites via SMS, Email or send them a link

Minop is not only simple to use, but it also allows you to quickly onboard and deboard your teachers and students. And if you get stuck, out customer service team is available to help.

More then attendance software

it is a complete time-tracking solution

Minop is not only time and attendance software, it's also a comprehensive time-tracking solution that powers your entire school or university.

More then attendance software

Monitoring Attendance In campuses with Technology

Minop Edtech is a versatile attendance system developed to simplify the daily attendance monitoring of educational institutions. We provide a best-in-class attendance system based on cutting-edge technology to educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities.









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Sone frequently asked questions...

1.Is a free trail available to Minop students?

Yes, Minop Student's time monitoring software offers a free trial period with no usage restrictions.

Minop Student does offer optional enhancements, which many schools are likely to want, but the standard version is more than adequate for many schools, particularly smaller ones.

Find out more about our upgrade plans with our representative at sales@mantratec.com.

Here are four important distinctions (there are many more)...

A.Minop students are able to work both with and without biometrics.

B.At Minop Student, we feel that the most difficult aspect of time monitoring is encouraging teachers and students to use the software in the first place! That's why we're working hard to make clocking in and out as simple and painless as possible.

C.Minop Student's attendance app is extremely simple to use, with most teachers and students knowing how it works thanks to our simple layout.

D.Minop students employ RFID technology, face and fingerprint recognition technology, and Mifare cards for identification.

Yes, you can raise a support ticket our support experts will help you to set up the account.

It is entirely acceptable to take attendance by calling out names or just relying on teachers to arrive on time, but especially for larger institutions, it is simpler, faster, and more practical to use a biometric attendance system that uses the mobile mode or biometric device-based attendance. Additionally, data will be securely backed up on the cloud.