Cloud Based Attendance System – Overview

Our cloud-based time and attendance tracking software are based on a flexible and adaptive system. We are capable enough to accommodate any custom requirements. Our cloud-based time and attendance tracking software are plain & simple which does not need the environment for managing and updating the system.
Our Modules
Our cloud-based system provides a comprehensive, accurate, and affordable solution to businesses. For every organization, managing time-attendance, visitor management, Payroll for multiple departments, with different designations and grades employees is a critical challenge. It becomes a tedious task to manage the system rules and automate them. Minop is a solution for enterprises having offices at multi-location and for small organizations having an office at one location. It is capable to provide scalability & modularity for a growing organization.

Time & Attendance

It’s automated attendance management software which records the attendance data of a user and generates various reports for the further actions.

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Visitor Management

For overall safety and enhanced security of an organization, it is essential to maintain records of all incoming and outgoing personals.

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Employee Self Service

Comprehensive web based employee portal allowing users to monitor and manage all their time-attendance and leave options.

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School Management

Mantra's School Management System — Advancing possibilities by restructuring the management of educational institutions with our cutting-edge technology.

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Amazing Features
  • Scalability

    Cloud is an emerging next generation technology for complex organizations having multiple locations and large organizational hierarchy.

    Access from Anywhere, Anytime

    Fast Sync with large Organization Size

    One Million Users and 65,000 Doors

  • Intuitive

    Employees can leverage the benefits of Time-Attendance solution with any internet enabled device(s).

    Compatible to Tablets and Smartphones for access

    Anywhere Access through any Internet enabled Device

    Real-time Events and Updates

  • Flexibility

    System provides flexibility in terms of wireless connectivity to Time-Attendance system to update policies from remote location.

    No limits for Attendance and Leave Policies

    Multiple Credentials can manage

    Can be integrated in third-party Applications

  • Enhanced Security

    With advanced features, system can protect an organization’s assets and help in managing users’ entry based on credential.

    Multi-Layer Data Encryption and Protection

    Backup, Archival, Retrieval and Migration

    Protracted Data Centers

    Enhanced Security
  • Ease of Use

    It eliminates complexities of maintaining the server or storing the data.

    Fast Deployment and Setup

    No Software Installation

    24 × 7 Support

    Ease of Use
Why Minop?
Minop cloud-based system design's goal is to have time-attendance, visitor management, Payroll system to be simple, accurate, and secure that provides full control to the stakeholders. Unlike traditional systems such as biometrics, time card, RFID tag or log book, Minop does not require an investment in proprietary hardware and infrastructure. Organizations that use Minop also recorded an increase in the employee productivity.
No more Fake Punch in or Punch Out

No more Fake Punch in or Punch Out

Uses the camera for marking staff attendance.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring

You will know immediately, which staff is late or absent in real time.

No Expensive Hardware

No Expensive Hardware

There is no need to spend a single cent on your punch card and storage server.

Instant Reporting

Instant Reporting

Download report instantly.

It’s simply simple

It’s simply simple.

Simple pricing structure. Upgrade when you need

Minop Architecture
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