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Minop cloud-based system design's goal is to have time-attendance to be simple, accurate, and secure that provides full control to the stakeholders. Unlike traditional systems such as biometrics, time card, RFID tag or log book, Minop does not require an investment in proprietary hardware and infrastructure. Organizations that use Minop also recorded an increase in the employee productivity.

It’s simply simple.

Simple pricing structure. Upgrade when you need.

Real Time Monitoring

You will know immediately, which staff is late or absent in real time.

No Expensive Hardware

No need to spend a single cent on your punch card & storage server.

Instant Reporting

Download custom report instantly.

No more Fake Punch

Uses the camera for marking staff attendance.


System provides flexibility in terms of deployment.
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Easy Yet Robust Employee Time and Attendance Software

The company was founded with the vision of providing relevant and cost-effective workplace management solutions for organizations worldwide. Our software provides powerful automation options and its cost-effective benefit makes it a preferred choice among customers. Irrespective of team size of employees or 5000 employees, the solution comes in all shapes and sizes to leverage IT both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of the business operation.
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According to the most popular software review websites, Minop is the best solution for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large corporations.

Awards & Recognitions

India's Fastest Growing Corporate Software

Industry leaders entrust us with managing their day-to-day company functions.

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Track Time Accurately

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minop's timestamps, facial recognition and geolocation features all ensure accurate clock-ins. No more buddy punching!

Track Time Automatically

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Say goodbye to manual timesheets! minop automatically generates timesheets and reports, and includes overtime calculations.

Track Time Effortlessly

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Make clocking in easy and quick! Clock in from any device, via mobile, web, Slack, MS Teams or Desktop. Whatever suits your team.
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