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For Institute / School / College

Simplify processes and intelligently manage your Institute/School/college

Offers better insights with the help of auto-generated attendance reports; reduces the administrative burden, allowing schools/institutes/universities to focus greater resources and time on student care activities.

Track Attendance Of The Staff in real time

Easy Payroll Processing

Effectively Calculate The Rate Of Absenteeism

Manage student information, securely and efficiently

Track and mark students' attendance in real time

Send absence data by email, SMS & messaging to parents

Easily extract attendance report academic year wise

For Institute School College
For Teachers Faculty

For Teachers / Faculty

Transform your teachers/faculty classes planning

Allows for the quick and accurate capture of attendance.provides data security through tiers of access; tracks class attendance and sends alerts to students who fail to meet minimum attendance requirements.

Track which Students have low attendance in your class.

A simple way of managing your attendance and applying for leaves.

Student roll call process across classes with ease without wasting time.

faculty/teacher can get access to the defaulter students and generate attendance reports in all the required formats.

For Students

Students can manage information, effectively and efficiently

Track class attendance and view schedules on their dashboards and mobile app; reduce truancy, enhance punctuality, and improve focus, retention, achievement, and success.

Students can check attendance percentages based on course/program.

Track the dates when they are not able to attend the school/class/college.

Able to check notifications and alerts

Upcoming holidays calendars

For Students
For Parents

For Parents

A complete student attendance solution for Parents

They can get access to the attendance record, and the number of absent days with dates, and get absent notifications. Attendance is a key indicator of student success. Track, manage, and report on student attendance from across your physical and virtual campus.

Track students' attendance on a daily basis

Easily extract child attendance report academic year wise

Notify parents about tardy students by the school

Send absence notifications by email, SMS & Messaging

Parent can send child leave requests to the school