Face Biometric Attendance Machine

Bionic Face Enterprise Wide Facial Recognition System

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This device is an advanced facial recognition device with a identification system. It has a stunning > 5-inch display, dual-lens camera and an infrared camera which provides accurate results.


The three variants of the Bionic F5 device can be strongly utilized at high security zones, large & heavy industries, corporates, institutions and also at office premises.

These devices can identify / verify persons from an average distance of 0.8 to 1 meters and verify / identify faces of up to 1 lakh users depending on the variant of the device.

Restriction of entry for unauthorized users would provide additional automated security and identification process to any organization.

This system will facilitate no-touch based identification and authorization that provide hygiene method for human identification and provide valid access control / attendance system along with manpower tracking, tracing and verifying via various commercial applications

In offices, employees who are not authorized, blacklisted and non-validity Would generate alerts and notification during punching, system wont allow punching for relevant use cases . It can also be used to record employee attendance.


High speed processor for quick matching and accuracy

Incident management system during every face matching

Support high performance at rough environment conditions

Dual camera for liveliness detection and IR capture to manage high accuracy

Industries among best facial algorithm in NIST

No proprietary card memory map, customize for every client to manage card security for specific customer

Face mask wearing alerts. However, facial recognition accuracy would be decreased due to face mask


Device Type Highly Accurate and Integrated Facial Solution Device
Screen Size 4.5 inch IPS
Camera Dual Lens camera RGB+IR, 1/2.7" CMOS
Operating System Android 7 or higher
Processor Quad Core 1.5 GHz & I300
Memory 8GB DDR
Capture Quality White LED
sensor Infrared
Card Optional (MiFare)
Communication Ethernet / Bluetooth / WIFI
Distance Within 0.8 meter to 1 meter for best use case
AI Controller Built - in
User capacity 10000 Users for 1:N matching Upgrade to 20000 / 50000 / 100000 users (Optional)
Transactions 500000 data logs, 10000 audit logs, 20000 special access control events
Software Face Gate, Pravesh, MORZEL 4.0
Peripheral Ports Power: DC Jack, LAN: RJ45, Micro USB, Wiegand, RS485
Audio Digital Audio Speaker
Environment Operating Temperature: -5 degree to +50 degree, Humidity: 0 to 90 percentage Non Condensing
Mobile Device Management Mantra EDHMS (Optional)
Mounting Brackets Wall Mount Bracket, Turnstile Mount Bracket (Optional), 2 meter pole bracket for barrier (Optional)
IP Compliant IP54

Helping clients to unlock & unleash the power within their large scale Business