Time Attendance Management System

Time Attendance Management System

For every organization, managing time-attendance for multiple departments with different designations is critical and challenging. It becomes a tedious task to manage the rules of an organization and automate them in the system. Minop offers high flexibility to create an organizational structure to match its exact time-attendance hierarchy. Minop is a centralized solution for large enterprises having offices at multi-location or a small organizations having single location office. It provides high scalability and modularity as per the need of organization.

Easy To Manage Attendance Policies

Challenges of time-attendance vary from one organization to another, based on structure, hierarchy and operational needs. It is quite difficult to manage time-attendance rules of employees and to automate them as per the operation requirement. Time-Attendance policies can be custom as per the needs of different functions, departments.

Leave Management

Every business has its own different needs when it comes to managing leave. While operating on any scale, an organization has various leave policies for the different location. Our leave management offers custom options to define the different type of leave, leave accumulation rules, leave balance calculation and auto leave credit. System also provides reporting and tracking leave application status.


Attendance reports are used for salary calculation, employee movement monitoring, and other such information. HR/Admin can create user-wise customized reports for an organization, department and for a particular period. These reports can be easily exported to various file formats including PDF, Excel, and TXT.


Accuracy in the payroll system is the most important task for HR. Minop can integrate with Third Party applications, which saves a lot of time and money for the organization. Various methods such as database to database, API, and offline export can be used for integration.