School Management System

School Management System

Mantra Softech’s school access control system is developed to improve the campus security and safety. It also helps in managing student, teachers, and school staff access control. Our cloud solution can be used for monitoring and managing all access record, computer login and student attendance records.

Secure access to school buildings protects students and staff.

Access control secures the school premise and provides protection to students and staff. School Access control system is tailored to accommodate your campus security needs. Mantra upgrades outdated student ID cards and access control solution with a cloud base technology. Mantra provides smart cards and advanced access control device based systems that increase the campus security and safety.

Access Control

We offer complete access control solutions which secure physical resources and maintain access to facilities.

Time & Attendance

Biometric-based time & attendance solutions provide convenience and the most exalted degree of assurance when affirming teachers and staff accessing the school premises.

Custom ID card

We offer quality ID access cards for students, employees, guests, and visiting teachers and temporary gate pass to manage premises access.

Visitor Management

Mantra brings you a visitor management system which distinguishes and manages school campus visitors to preserve secure conditions for students and teachers.

Identify and manage visitors to this school.

Streamline visitor enrolment for reception staff and guests while increasing the safety of your facilities.

Mantra's cloud systems provide recording and collection of visitor data and temporary access to facilities from anywhere and at any time. Simplify guest access while minimizing the burden of office staff, also it doesn't require hardware and software knowledge and understanding to maintain the system.